- Crystal Workshops -

Healing with Crystals Workshop 1, 2, 3

For all healers who work with healing energy.

Workshop 1 (basic): Chakra and organ healing, crystal massages and crystal acupressure.
Workshop 2: Chakra cleansing and energizing, colour acupressure, crystal massages.
Workshop 3 (advanced): Long distance crystal healing using a crystal pendulum/sensor, prana healing.

Dates: by appointment.
Duration: 1 day per workshop.
90 per workshop (excluding pendulum/sensor in Workshop 3).

Crystal Mandala Workshop

Mandalas are a reflection of a person's inner soul. They make the invisible visible. This workshop is a day of crystal healing during which you will, amongst other things, meet your Christ-al self in a crystal mandala.
Dates: by appointment.
Duration: 1 day.
Costs: 90 (incl. photos and explanation).

Reiki Crystal Workshop

For all Reiki 2 practitioners. Using a personally attuned Reiki Crystal will give your long distance Reiki healings extra power and possibilities. The Reiki Crystal is not part of the traditional Japanese Reiki system. However it is such a wonderful tool, that I could not withhold it from other Reiki practitioners.
Dates: by appointment.
Duration: 3 hours
60, including Reiki Crystal.