- The Practice -

Reiki is one of the most wonderful gifts that you can give yourself. Add to that our beautiful friends from the mineral kingdom, and the result is a fantastic collaboration on all levels. You can use Reiki and crystals to support, heal, and make yourself and others all over the world a lot healthier. The possibilities are endless.

In my practice for Crystal Healing and Reiki, I offer people a Reiki session combined with crystals. During this healing session barriers dissolve, chakras are balanced, and you are lovingly cherished and stimulated on all levels to begin healing. People who are interested in finding out whether this form of healing is what they are looking for, can book a trial session for 40. The normal price for a Reiki and crystal session is 70. It is also possible to just have a Reiki session without crystals.

About Marie-Ann Mathot

After 22 years in the secretarial profession, I felt that my busy and stressful life badly needed more balance. I was introduced to Reiki in 1995, it was the beginning of an exciting and instructive period. My father was a diamond merchant and the mineral kingdom has always fascinated me. In 1999, I began to integrate my two loves, Reiki and crystals, by following the courses taught by Rita ter Wiel of the Crystal Healing Academy. During the summer of 2000, I completed my training as a Crystal Healing Therapist, and received my Crystal Light Master initiation from Rita ter Wiel in 2002. I also became a Reiki Master in July 2000.

I cannot imagine my life any more without these two wonderful gifts that I have been privileged to receive: Reiki and my friends from the mineral kingdom. The loving guidance of my teachers, the fantastic friends that I have made on this path, have all contributed to my journey towards "Mastership". It is now my task to pass on these two gifts to others. I hope to meet you some time in my practice or at one of my courses, and I would be honoured if you would allow me to guide you on your journey of discovery of the magical collaboration between Reiki and crystals.